Welcome to INSIGHT by Frida Ghitis

Where I provide a unique perspective on world events — and, yes, world events including those occurring in the United States - with a special emphasis on democracy and human rights.

I have worked in the news business for decades, looking at the world from an uncommon perch. After observing, analyzing, and commenting on news from more than 60 countries, and living on different hemispheres, I am convinced that my experiences have allowed me look at global events in a way that is distinctive.

INSIGHT is a place for commentary, context, and analysis about stories making headlines, as well as events that lie below most people’s radar, but merit greater attention.

You can still read my articles in CNN, the Washington Post, World Politics Review, and elsewhere; and you can still listen to my commentary on television and radio.

But with INSIGHT, we will have a more personal conversation, without mediation or filters from editors, publishers, or anyone else. I will tell you what I think — and I am eager to hear your comments.

Join me!


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